Figured Maple & Rosewood   
Sapele & Walnut   
Anigre & Mahogany   
Maple & Sapele   
Sapele & Steel   
Sapele & Walnut   
Sapele & Walnut   
Maple & Mahogany   
Ebonized Mahogany details   
Makore, Ebony & Sapele   
Example Project   
Example Project   

Designs in Wood

None of the designs on this page use stained wood. The wide variety in color and tone are the inherent properties of the wood species specifically selected to compliment the design. From the light color of Anigree and Maple for larger modern forms, to the rich color of Rosewood, Makore, and Sapele. The only exception to this is in the ebonizing (dying black) of mahogany for large black trim. True ebony is no longer available in large sizes.

Since wood color and graining varies widely even within a species, many of the designs above involved visits to wholesale veneer suppliers to select the specific flitch bundles to be used in a project. It is a treat to see the thousands of flitches and the beauty of wood in its natural state.

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