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Designs in Glass

Glass is a favorite material - it is enduring and dramatic with wonderfully diverse textures, colors, and formulations. For example, the dichroic glass shown in the upper image contains multiple micro-layers of metal oxides which give the glass its name "two colors" from the Greek dikhroos (literally twice color) since reflected light and transmitted light are two different colors.

Of great use is ceramic frit glass in which a silkscreen process transfers an image to the glass. In this case, the "ink" is a vitreous slurry of mostly silica (silicon dioxide), which when heated bonds with the glass (which is also primarily silica).

Other types of glass used in projects include, slump glazing, tinted, low iron (very clear) laminated, patterned, tempered, and a variety of multi-pane units with varying interlayers for thermal or optical performance.

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